Rino Pucci (the Photographer) and … (the Portrayed Person) agree as follow:

The Photographer, while retaining the copyright, grants the Portrayed Person reproduction rightsof the portraits taken on…. in…. for self-promotional use in print, online casting websites, industry directories and through social media.This quite broad spectrum does not include editorial placement (if a magazine or a newspaper would like to use them, the Photographer’s written consent should be obtained, subject to a license fee).

Portraits will be credited any time the Portrayed Person uses them ( © Rino Pucci, or equivalent), also mentioning his website, when possible: http://www.rinopucci.com

When portraits are used on social media, the Photographer will be credited AND tagged. The Photographer will correspondingly credit and tag the Portrayed Person.

The Portrayed Person authorises the Photographer to publish the images in order to advertise and promote his work, on social media, website, online galleries, photo contests, books and exhibitions.The Photographer commits not to making any use in third-party advertisements without the Portrayed Person’s consent.

The Portrayed Person acknowledges that even a minimal post-production is an integral part of the Photographer’s work and therefore accepts that no picture should be used without being post-produced (by him only). The Photographer will not share a CD of all images taken during the session.

The number of pictures to be retouched and released has been agreed in………… These will be chosen together by the Photographer and the Portrayed Person in a collaborative spirit. The Photographer reserves the right to post-produce and release additional pictures taken during the session.

The Portrayed Person recognises that photographs placed online have to be accurate representations of the Photographer’s work and therefore agrees not to alter the images (e.g. by cropping, colour manipulation, filters) when posting them. The Portrayed Person agrees to be also responsible for whomever (family member, friend etc.) posts the pictures online on their behalf.

This Agreement shall be subject to and interpreted in accordance with English law.