Actor and model Harry May

Duality – this is the key word when it comes to portraiture. The portraitist and the sitter. The image of ourselves we are accustomed to and the image that comes out of a session. The final portrait and its viewer.

Portrait photography has never just been about appearance. First and foremost, it’s about the connection between two individuals – the one in front of the camera, the one behind it.

Portraits are always tales of two halves.

I believe that a real emotional connection, even short, is the key to authentic portraiture – which is much more than striking a pose. I’ve learnt that listening to people during a shooting is more important than photoshopping them afterwards.

Each sitter is unique, each portrait session is unique. A session has always taught me something – no matter how short it was.

Feed your curiosity, be respectful, always learn – these are the guiding stars of both my practice as a portrait photographer and my research as a writer who specialises in portraiture.

Duality, a tale of two halves – that’s why is both a portfolio and a blog. Taking portraits, talking portraits.

What is Beauty? And how portraits will look like if while shooting we talk about Beauty?
The sitters for my “Conversations about Beauty” series are all active in the creative field and, above all, they are real women, with wrinkles and scars – the latter mainly hidden in their souls. –>